“Say I’m Innocent” is a campaign for exonerated prisoners. Following their release from prison they face an unfamiliar world with hardly any services or support available to them. Their lives have been destroyed and they need help.

We are campaigning in the UK and Ireland for 4 specific issues:

  1. That all the services that are available to guilty prisoners on release are made available to exonerees.
  2. That there is a public announcement of their innocence on release.
  3. That a transition centre is set up in the UK and Ireland to allow them time and help to re-integrate into society.
  4. That a fully independent Criminal Cases Revue Commission is established to examine cases and with the power to find new evidence in cases if required.

In the USA our campaign will pursue the following issues:

  1. That immediate and long-term services should be available to exonerees to include medical and dental services, housing, transportation, education, transitional subsistence etc.
  2. The creation of transition centers to allow them time and help to re-integrate into society.
  3. That individuals who are exonerated receive timely and sufficient compensation to help them reenter mainstream society.
  4. That exonerees have access to Social Security benefits they would have accumulated and for which they would have been eligible had they not been wrongfully convicted.

This campaign will follow the screening of the film “Fallout” on RTE and BBC and subsequently in the USA.
“Fallout” is based on the post prison lives of 4 high profile exonerees – Paddy Hill (UK), Robert Brown (UK), Sunny Jacobs (Ireland/USA) and Peter Pringle (Ireland). We are using the film and the attention around it to launch our campaign in the autumn.

Further information:

The campaign will take the form of a speaking tour in the UK, Ireland and the USA. It will be accompanied by a screening of the film. Each event will include presentations by two of the four exonereees in the film, plus legal and psychological experts.

Some of these events will be followed by workshops specifically tailored to exonerees to offer them extra help in coping with a very difficult life.

The most important immediate needs are medical issues, mental health issues, housing, job support etc Longer term needs include extended mental therapy and long term treatment of medical conditions.

As the campaign gains momentum and media attention we will aim to meet with the relevant Ministers to instigate change.